Sample of the 2009 sculptures

2009 Sculptures

Sculpture @ Miranda Price List 2009

Ben Beemsterboer Opposeate $6000
Neil Miller On $8000
James Wright On a path $6000
Erik Omundsen No. 1 Sculpture $5000
Wailin Elliott Hongi II $3000
Erik Omundsen/
Barry Brickell
Birdbath (stand not included) $1000
Erik Omundsen Nautilus $700
Richard Mathieson Flourish $14,5000
Di Conway In My Dreams I Fly $330
Llew Summers Angel of Grace $10,000
Michael Smither Cloud Nine $40,000
Peter Lange Brick Chair $2200
Peter Lange Brick Recliner $4375
Neil Miller poa kichizi kama ndizi
(cool like a crazy banana)
Steve Woodward Stumped $4500
Smither/McGregor Scallop Shells $18,000
Roger Hickin Eternal Duo $3850
Roger Hickin With the door open & the wind blowing $3850
Roger Hickin Weathered wood, laths and plastic $3500
Roger Hickin Weathered wood, leather pouch & plastic clamp $3500
Di Conway A Piece of Cake $380
Di Conway Forty Lengths $420
Lynda Harris Plates, bowls and cups as marked
Steve Woodward Furrow $12,000
David McCracken Expanded steel artwork $14,000
Warren Viscoe Marathon Bird $6000
Nick Dryden Kawau 1 & 2 $2950
Ben Beemsterboer Public lavatory – including tile work “42”
(available for commission)